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From open-air festivals to beach parties: Vorpommern’s highlights

Ein Mekka für Kulturliebhaber

Vorpommern has a great deal to offer to people of all ages and backgrounds in terms of cultural and recreational activities. You may be surprised to find there is a lot going on not only in the regional city centres but also in the spa towns along the coast and in the countryside villages. Classical music, jazz and pop are popular in the region. Open-air performances are often held during the summer months, when parks, beaches and farmhouses become Vorpommern’s stages.

Visitors, students and locals will find not only discos, concert halls and jazz clubs, but also traditional pubs, outstanding restaurants and exciting locations that make for pleasant evenings by the sea and on the inland.

Vorpommern is a meeting place for people who enjoy recreational activities and hobbies. Sports activities include sailing, surfing and hiking in the summer and fitness classes and skiing in the winter. There are sports associations offering a wide range of activities for sports fans, art and cultural associations for those seeking inspiration, and cinemas showing both the latest blockbusters as well as older art-house gems. Clubs and discos are sure to be appreciated by the younger set in Vorpommern. Rock, techno and house can all be heard in the student clubs, discos and during summer beach parties in Vorpommern.