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 The Sunniest Spot in Germany   Vacation and Leisure  

Vorpommern: the place that has it all!

Im Land am Meer neue Kraft tanken

Welcome to the sunniest spot in Germany, where the Baltic Sea and vacation go hand in hand. Vorpommern – the land of the sea – promises a vacation that is both relaxing and active. Enjoy a change of scenery, reconnect with your inner self and get away from it all for a while – the perfect vacation is within reach. Take pleasure in the fine things in life during your holiday in Vorpommern. No other region offers so much variety and personal appeal.

Auf Fischland-Darß-Zingst die Natur genießen

Fischland-Darß-Zingst: calming the soul, reviving the sensesThe Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula is a place where the sea calms the soul and the salt revives the senses. High up in the north, surrounded by the waters of the Baltic Sea and the lagoons, the 45 km-long peninsula is located between the Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Stralsund. The Baltic Sea spas and surrounding villages will entice you with their charm: traditional painted doors, fisherman’s cottages, thatched-roof houses and lovingly tended gardens can be found all over this part of Vorpommern. Then there are the fine sandy beaches that stretch for kilometres on end. Interspersed with primeval forests, they are in a constant state of natural flux, which can be observed in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park.

Rügen lockt u. a. mit den weltberühmten Kreidefelsen

Much to discover on Germany’s biggest island <
Rügen, Germany’s biggest island, offers 60 kilometres of fine sandy beaches as well as landscapes and architecture unrivalled in their diversity. Visit the vibrant Baltic Sea spas with their many villas constructed in the classic spa architectural style, the magnificent piers and the smallest national park in Germany on the Jasmund peninsula with its world-famous chalk cliffs and breathtaking views onto the coast. Admire the long, shadowy boulevards, sleepy fishing villages, the classical gem of the princely city of Putbus as well as the many barrows and altar stones, parks and gardens, palaces and manors houses.

Auf Usedom sind die Kaiserbäder ein Tourismusmagnet

The sunny island of Usedom: a true beach vacation
The island of Usedom needs no introduction: the sunny island has over 40 kilometres of Baltic Sea beaches and the imperial baths of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin, otherwise known as Berlin’s bathtub. A heavenly calm presides over the interior of the island, where forests and grasslands reign and nature is at your doorstep. It is the ideal corner of the world for those wanting to spend some holiday time on their bicycles, or seeking peaceful solitude.

Stralsund ist eine Kulturhochburg

Beautiful Strelasund
The phrase UNESCO World Heritage site says it all: Stralsund is a city of extraordinary cultural value. Lovingly restored town houses, stately brick churches and many precious relics from the Hanseatic era give the largest city in Vorpommern its charm. Its unique location on the Strelasund with a view on the island of Rügen – the city and the island have been connected by the spectacular Rügen Bridge since 2007 – adds a maritime element to its cultural wealth. Idyllic harbours, sailboats and smoked fish are part of every holiday experience. Two museums are well known far beyond Vorpommern’s borders, and together they attract over a million visitors a year: the traditional
Meeresmuseum (Marine Museum) and the Ozeaneum (Ocean Museum), which opened in 2008 and received the European Museum of the Year Award in 2010.


Das Stadtbild von Greifswald symbolisiert Weltoffenheit und Kreativität

Greifswald: regionally anchored – globally networked
University and Hanseatic city of Greifswald is the second biggest city in the region. It is located directly next to the islands of Usedom and Rügen and one of the most fascinating sailing areas in Germany, the Bay of Greifswald. The historic old town with its three Gothic churches, the fishing village of Wieck on the outskirts and many recreational and leisure activities are worth more than one visit and offer much to explore. The Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, the city’s most famous son, was so taken by the distinctive skyline of the city that he frequently chose the towering brick buildings as a motif in his work. Through the University of Greifswald, the city has gradually gained national renown as numerous institutes and research facilities have established themselves alongside the university. This has certainly contributed to the city’s international outlook and sense of creativity. Greifswald is also the home of the Pommersche Landesmuseum, the state museum, which provides an interesting look at the region’s history.

Die Landschaft erkunden, neue Orte entdecken

The Peene – Amazon of the north
A singular landscape that came to surface during the glacial period in Pomerania, the Peene Valley is situated on its namesake river, the longest in Vorpommern. Even today, extraordinary animal and plant species inhabit the area. The slope of the 104-kilometre-long Peene is only 24 centimetres, allowing a marsh to develop across 500 - 700 metres, which became the habitat of unique flora and fauna. The many nature reserves offer a peaceful sanctuary – they are open to visitors and accessible to canoes and boat.

Am Stettiner Haff kommen Strandbesucher und Sportbegeisterte auf ihre Kosten

Hiking on the lagoon
Throughout the year, the
Szczecin Lagoon and the adjacent Ueckermünder Heide south of Usedom in the Uecker-Randow region offer intriguing and memorable impressions. The harmony between the water, forest, unspoiled nature and clean air in the lagoon area where the river Oder flows on its way to the Baltic Sea attracts beachgoers, nature lovers, cyclists, hikers and water sports fans alike.