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Enjoy shopping in one of the charming city centres

In den Städten flanieren und ausgiebig shoppen

Shopping in Vorpommern is a unique experience, especially while on holiday. Boutiques and shops offering contemporary fashion can be found in the city centres as well as along the sophisticated piers of Heringsdorf and Zingst or on the promenades in Stralsund, Greifswald and Binz auf Rügen. Shoppers in the region will encounter both small labels and big brands. But there’s more. Seekers of high-quality art, books and jewellery – particularly the local amber jewellery – will not be disappointed.

Both smaller and larger shopping areas – such as Elisenpark Greifswald or Strelapark Stralsund – have a lot to offer, including youth fashion, food and drink, children’s toys as well as services such as hairdressers, locksmiths and pharmacies. On the other hand, smaller city centres such as Ribnitz-Damgarten, Anklam and Bergen have a special charm that makes shopping on the market square a unique experience.