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Families are most welcome!

Eltern finden für ihre Kinder optimale Bedingungen vor

Vorpommern offers ideal conditions for children: vast landscapes to explore, modern playgrounds, and many friends to be made. Here in the northeast, the local ‘beach kids’ are friendly, outgoing and eager to discover the world. And while parents attend classes, go to work or to the office, children are in need of reliable supervision and caring teachers. Day nursery employees have many years of experience working with children. Unlike other regions, the chances of finding a place in a day nursery close to your home or workplace are very good. Even parents with special requests and needs – be it dietary restrictions, early musical education or religious affiliation – are certain to find suitable conditions in Vorpommern.


Familienfreundlichkeit wird in Vorpommern großgeschrieben

Vorpommern is especially welcoming to families, as confirmed by its 286 daycare centres. Around 97 per cent of all children between three and six in the federal state are in daycare. Day nurseries also receive many smaller children. Additionally, there are a number of family activity and education centres where families can learn or seek advice and support. For many families, these facilities are an important focal point in everyday life.