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Quality of life in the region

Die einzigartige Küstenlandschaft ist nur ein Merkmal Vorpommerns

Life is good in Vorpommern, where the fresh sea air – along with the splendid view over the Baltic Sea or across the expansive, rolling hills – is there for the taking.

Proud and magnificent cities steeped in tradition and Hanseatic history can be found throughout Vorpommern along with peaceful, romantic villages in idyllic natural settings. Whether you prefer the bustle of the city or a quiet life in the countryside, there is a suitable place in Vorpommern for everyone – and also a place to call home. Hanseatic charm, terraces along the harbour, beaches and historic boulevards give the Vorpommern region its high standard of living. There is no place for turbulence and stress. Besides finding a new home, there is even more: such as a kindergarten for the children, a bakery around the corner, a new family doctor or a favourite local restaurant.

Hanseatisches Flair genießen und maritime Sportmöglichkeiten nutzen

The landscape at the Baltic Sea and the coastal area is in itself unique – nowhere in Germany have more sun hours been recorded per year.

There are cultural and recreational activities to suit all tastes in Vorpommern. It would be mistaken to assume there might be a shortage of worthwhile activities in a provincial region. Here you will find a wide variety of cultural delights ranging from opera, jazz, live music and dance theatre to children’s events and tea dances. Surprisingly, there is a lot going on especially in the larger cities and spa towns along the coast, not to mention the water sports opportunities available in Germany’s most beautiful coastal territory.

Visitors to Vorpommern know its value. And not only the visitors. Residents of the region where everyone else goes on vacation also enjoy the surrounding beauty and diversity. Those who shun the bustle of the big cities will discover an excellent quality of life in one of the historic Hanseatic towns or in a house in the countryside.

Moving to Vorpommern is only the first step towards a new life. It all starts with a search for a new home, a well-organised and professional move, and the necessary paperwork to be completed with local authorities and utilities companies. The town council and rural districts offer plenty of information for new arrivals – as brochures or on the Internet