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 The Sunniest Spot in Germany   Jobs and Professional Life  

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Vorpommern bietet eine hohe Lebensqualität und beste Jobaussichten

Working in the place where everyone else goes on vacation – this is simply a way of life for the residents of Vorpommern and those aspiring to join them. Jobs in Vorpommern combine a diverse work environment with excellent quality of life. Esteemed Hanseatic cities such as Greifswald and Stralsund are highly prized locations for both employers and employees, just as the Baltic Sea islands Rügen and Usedom and the Fischland-Darss-Zingst pensinsula enjoy nationwide popularity as holiday destinations. This has resulted in an attractive job market with diverse opportunities. The days of high unemployment rates are in the past. Following years of successful growth, the region now offers many jobs, vocational training programmes and study opportunities for virtually all people seeking jobs and training. There is a particularly high demand for workers and trainees in tourism, trade, logistics, life sciences, healthcare, wind energy, IT, telemarketing and the maritime industry. Tradesmen or office administrators who wish to move to the Baltic Sea will also find suitable work in Vorpommern. A wide selection of work and training opportunities is guaranteed.

We are looking forward to greeting you here. In the meantime, you will find plenty of information on our website to help you plan your professional future, find housing, prepare your move to the sunniest spot in Germany and much more. Many partners will be happy to help and support you along the way. 


Die Sonnenregion Vorpommern erstreckt sich auf rund 6.700 km² entlang der Ostseeküste