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Bildung & Lernen

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Lifelong Learning

Volkshochschulen und weitere Institutionen bieten mehrere Möglichkeiten zur Weiterbildung

Education and learning are far from over when school, a vocational training programme or university are completed. Adapting to new challenges in everyday and professional life is a lifelong process. Adult education, the pursuit of continuing education, going back to complete school-leaving qualifications or acquiring additional qualifications and certifications are all fundamental to lifelong learning.

The basic needs of continuing education in Vorpommern are covered by an extensive network of adult education centres operated by the rural districts. The federal state’s continuing education database provides an overview of current opportunities. Employees based in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are entitled to five days off per calendar year for continuing education purposes. Educational leave is a legal right in our federal state, allowing employees to participate in recognised training programmes.

There are many establishments in Vorpommern that offer a broad range of professional training courses and school-leaving qualifications. In addition, many language and creative courses as well as nursing and healthcare courses are available.