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Early years, higher and further education

Das umfangreiche Bildungsangebot sichert Jobperspektiven für die Zukunft

Early development and childcare in neighbourhood day centres, local schooling, university study and the much-cited life-long learning: Vorpommern has a broad and dependable choice of educational centres. They can make all the difference when it comes to future opportunities and perspectives – whether for the young or old, for one's career or everyday life. 

Legally guaranteed and widely available day-care-centres with no waiting times are the norm in Vorpommern, as is the proximity of schools at primary, secondary and regional levels. 

Time was when many school-leavers were struggling to find a vocational training position: in Vorpommern, that is a thing of the past. Today, any young person finishing school will find a suitable company that not only takes on trainees but also furthers their needs for self-expression. These companies offer great jobs, create a collegial environment and ensure that new recruits have chances to develop. Working in a location that is essentially a holiday region, enjoying the long stretch of Baltic beaches after work – it is a privilege indeed.

The University of Greifswald was founded in 1456, which makes it one of Germany's oldest. Just 20 years its junior, the University of Applied Sciences is found in the neighbouring town of Stralsund. Here Vorpommern has much to offer students, too. For those wishing to find an even wider range of specialist courses, Rostock, Neubrandenburg and Wismar are further options. Studying with 'added benefits' at the Baltic coast is attracting ever more students to the area. A steady increase in intake has not however altered the quality of supervision and good teacher-to-student ratios; lecture halls are not over-crowded, and campuses are friendly. The excellent rankings of Vorpommern's institutes of higher education demonstrate their educational value, popularity and attractiveness. Life in the old Hanseatic towns is pleasant and relaxed. Close to the sea, even the stress of study is counterbalanced by recreation and rest.

Still, education does not stop at the school gates, the completion of a vocational training programme or the award of a degree. Life-long learning — continuing professional and personal development – is a key issue of our times. Adults can study a foreign language before going on a holiday, catch up on subjects for a school-leaving certificate or enrol in an IT course. There are plenty of reasons to take an evening class or complete a further training programme. And Vorpommern has numerous, multifaceted facilities to fit the bill.