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Ideal climate for investors

Ideale Bedingungen für Investoren

Combine a good business idea with the necessary capital, skilled workers and a bit of risk-taking. Invest in buildings, facilities and vehicles. Launch your products and services on the market. So far, so good.

An even better scenario could take place in the ideal location: inexpensive, fully developed commercial properties; excellent road, rail and sea transport connections; low commercial tax rates and solid funding; investment decisions made with the assistance and support of dedicated professionals at each step along the way; and synergies and partnerships that emerge with local companies and research institutes.

Vorpommern can offer these excellent conditions, along with many others: 

  • Up to 50 per cent of investment costs can be funded
  • Nine fully constructed ports with sufficient available commercial spaces and a wide range of inexpensive industrial and commercial buildings and real estate
  • A geographical position that makes it an ideal transportation and logistics gateway to Scandinavian, Baltic and Eastern European markets, all of which can be quickly accessed via road and water transport, and is also close to the major urban centres of Berlin, Hamburg and Szczecin
  • Qualified professionals and entry-level employees from a broad educational background that ranges from general education to university and specialised higher education
  • Thriving and innovative key sectors with a well-developed network between companies, universities, technical colleges, research institutes and technology centres
  • A guaranteed high standard of living, tourism and recreational activities
  • Fast decision-making for business-related projects and activities
  • Active and committed business financing at the state, regional and municipal levels and an investment-friendly climate are considered a standard contribution to regional development and a matter of key importance to all political decision makers.

Vorpommern – your place to invest. The ideal location for your headquarters!