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Shipbuilding and metal construction – from traditional craftsmanship to modern technologies

The maritime industry is the economic backbone of Vorpommern. In addition to port operations and maritime transport, shipbuilding is also a significant economic branch. Not only do suppliers, commercial partners and subcontractors benefit from this; so do the metalworking, construction, electronics, logistics and financial sectors – in fact all of the sectors in the state.

As leaders in the development and construction of state-of-the-art special vessels, the shipyard locations in Stralsund, Wolgast and Barth are known throughout the world. In addition to supply firms and outfitters, boat construction and repair operations can also be found all over the coast. The most successful German company to date in sail and motor yacht building – HanseYachts – is also located in Vorpommern. The yacht brands Hanse, Moody, Fjord and Dehler are all produced in Greifswald and exported from here to destinations all over the world.

The smaller shipbuilding and metal construction companies are also an important part of Vorpommern’s maritime economy. Metal construction in Vorpommern is known for its innovative, sophisticated and technologically advanced products and a broad range of goods that make their way throughout the entire world. The iron foundries in Torgelow and Ueckermünde stand for top-level-segment metallurgy, epitomising team spirit and expertise. They are specialised in the manufacture of castings for wind turbines and injection moulding machines while also supplying parts to the shipbuilding and automobile industries.

In and around Greifswald, Stralsund, Wolgast and Torgelow as well as on Rügen, companies develop and produce top-class products for steel and plant construction. Their range of services includes development, manufacture and assembly of constructional steelworks for steel bridge construction, structural steelwork and building construction.