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The hub of the Baltic Sea – logistics/port operations

Vorpommern’s ports are easily accessible by land and sea, enhancing its appeal as a commercial location. The ports are built to modern standards and offer customers a broad range of services. Further advantages of the individual port locations include short distances to national and international markets, a well-developed port infrastructure and sufficient available commercial spaces. Port-related sectors and the offshore industry can especially benefit from Vorpommern’s port network.

The ports here are specialised in transshipping local goods. An expertise in agribusiness goods and niche markets has developed over the last several years. For example, 800,000 tonnes were transshipped at the port of Vierow in 2011 – mostly agribusiness products such as grain and animal feed, but also general cargo.

Vierow is but the smallest of all the nine ports in the region. Vorpommern’s central location and well-constructed ports have made it a hub for traffic in the entire Baltic Sea area. Goods of all kinds are also transshipped in Sassnitz, Stralsund, Greifswald, Lubmin, Wolgast, Anklam, Jarmen and Ueckermünde. Sassnitz-Mukran, located on the eastern side of the island of Rügen, is Germany’s easternmost deepwater port. From here, ferries depart for Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Lithuania almost hourly. The ferry port of Sassnitz is also the largest rail ferry port and is the only location in Western Europe that offers rail and transshipping facilities for Finnish and Russian broad gauge trains. This is why the western cargo station is also known as the Trans-Siberian Railway.