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Summer breeze and relaxing spas – tourism

Urlaubs- und Badeparadies Ostseestrand

Vorpommern has a long history of tourism. The mild climate and the Baltic Sea are the distinctive elements in its landscape. The cliff coasts and beaches of the Fischland-Darss-Zingst peninsula and the islands of Rügen and Usedom stretch out along over 1,300 km, while vast expanses of forest and meadows, clear rivers and lakes, low marshes and hills lie further inland.

Vorpommern’s mild climate and pristine nature make it an exceptional place for health and well-being and provide the ideal environment for tourism services. Many cities and municipalities in the region have been renowned health spas and resorts for decades. Modern hotels offer special health and wellness services. There are also several centres with a wide range of choice in this sector. Today these factors contribute significantly to the region’s successful track record.

The tourism infrastructure is fully developed and includes hotels, holiday homes, guesthouses, youth hostels and camping sites. Accommodations range from cosy guesthouses to top-class hotels in the premium price segment. Stable growth rates have allowed tourism to thrive as a profitable growth market. The number of tourist-based business stays as well as the number of overnight stays has been constantly rising since 1990 and currently counts nearly 1,500 business and approximately 13 million overnight stays annually in Vorpommern. Gastronomy is also well developed and has received much recognition. Whether traditional or experimental, health-focused or indulgent, fish, meat or vegetarian, the food in Vorpommern never fails to please.