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Vorpommern facts and figures


> 476,000 inhabitants

Population density:

67 inhabitants/sq km


> 20,000

Employees subject to social security contributions:

> 140,000



Total area:

7,119 sq km



Coast length


Outer coast:

226 km

Bay coast:

1,083 km



National parks


West Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park

805 sq km


30 sq km

Biosphere Reserve of Southeast Rügen

235 sq km

Usedom Nature Reserve

632 sq km

Peenetal River Landscape Nature Reserve

334 sq km

83 conservation areas

287 sq km

25 nature reserves

2,225 sq km

The air in Vorpommern is the cleanest in all of Germany. Emissions values are well below the EU limits and the national average. With over 1,900 hours of annual sunshine duration, Vorpommern is the sunniest region in Germany according to Meteomedia weather service. This can be attributed to the predominantly maritime climate of the Baltic Sea coast.