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The place for business

Vorpommern kann gute Investitions- und Arbeitsmöglichkeiten vorweisen

Welcome to the business centre of Vorpommern

Vorpommern is a region in the northeast of the Federal Republic of Germany. It boasts a modern infrastructure, fast-growing economy, excellent research facilities and attractive commercial real estate.

The structural changes initiated after the German reunification in 1990 have resulted in success, and the era of high unemployment rates is coming to an end. Today, Vorpommern attracts both investors and skilled professionals, offering not only good investment and professional opportunities but also an above-average standard of living in a pristine environment with high recreational value for employers and employees.

The local economy is modern, efficient and broadly diversified. Traditional sectors such as agriculture and food processing, tourism, port operations and logistics as well as shipbuilding and metal construction form the backbone of the economy. New sectors such as renewable energies, IT and communications, life sciences and healthcare are additional drivers of growth.

The Sassnitz-Mukran port is the logistical hub for traffic to and from Northern and Eastern Europe. Freighters and ferries travel daily to Rønne in Denmark, Trelleborg in Sweden, KlaipÄ—da in Lithuania and St Petersburg in Russia. In addition to the port of Sassnitz, there are eight other ports in the region where goods of all kinds are transshipped. The rest of the transportation infrastructure is also excellent, especially in terms of rail and roads. The A20 motorway links Vorpommern to the metropolitan regions of Berlin-Brandenburg, Hamburg and Szczecin.

A wide range of available commercial and industrial real estate and inexpensive properties make the location attractive for investors.

For many sectors, the outstanding research and development climate generated by the local universities and research facilities is also an asset. Business and science are more closely networked in Vorpommern than anywhere else. And the federal state’s universities supply a broad range of highly specialised, qualified professionals.

Excellent business incentives are another benefit for investors, as up to 50 per cent of investment costs can be funded.