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Leben und Arbeiten in Vorpommern.

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About us – Economic development and marketing for Vorpommern

The Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern (WFG) was founded in March 2002 to aid in the development and improvement of the economic structure of Vorpommern as a business location. This involved full-scale regional marketing, actively approaching investors, providing support for settlement projects, mobilising regional employment and growth potential as well as coordinating economic development activities within the region.

WFG Vorpommern also took responsibility for ensuring the supply of skilled workers and marketing to new residents. ‘Vorpommern: The Sunniest Spot in Germany’ was the campaign theme behind which the federal state was marketed as an ideal region for living and working. WFG operates a regional platform at, visits job fairs and, together with many partners, seeks out qualified professionals and newcomers for the ‘sunniest spot’.

Associates are the District of Vorpommern-Greifswald, the University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald, the Hanseatic City of Stralsund and the Sparkasse Vorpommern.

As a company held by public partners, we work for you for free!

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